700C carbon HM road rims series (Depth:24mm,38mm,50mm,60mm,88mm)

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700C carbon HM road rims series (Depth:24mm,38mm,50mm,60mm,88mm)

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  • Product Description

    The design for wheels in HM series is classic symmetry, which is very different from XY series. It is still the most commonly used design in the market. If you observe its cross-section carefully, you will find that it is more close to the traditional design for the aluminum wheels.  If it is your first time to use carbon fibre wheels, HM will be your best choice.  Because they will give you similar felling when you are using aluminum wheels. HM series targets players who use carbon fibre wheels the first time.
    HM road rim will provide more choices of depth sizes. Its feature mainly focuses on the design of the rim's depth. It is about 60mm,even 88mm.  Its rim is in an arc.  It will increase the contact area with air and weight. This design will reduce the influence of the lateral wind on you when you are enjoying aerodynamics.
    Size Outer width Inner width Depth ERD Weight(g)+/-15 Model Design
    700C 23mm 20mm 606mm 260 Tubular
    700C CX / Gravel 29mm 21mm 28mm 589mm 380 Clincher T800 Asymmetric
    650B CX / Gravel 30mm 24mm 35mm 537mm 380 Clincher T800 Asymmetric
    700C 23mm 15mm 24mm 596mm 400+/-10g Clincher
    700C 23mm 38mm 569mm 330 Tubular
    700C 23mm 50mm 545mm 385+/-10g Tubular
    700C 23mm 15mm 38mm 569mm 440+/-10g Clincher
    700C 23mm 60mm 525mm 465 Tubular
    700C 23mm 15mm 50mm 545mm 485 Clincher
    700C 23mm 15mm 60mm 525mm 540 Clincher
    700C 23mm 88mm 469mm 510+/-10g  Tubular
    700C 23mm 12mm 88mm 469mm 720 Clincher
    650B 23mm 16mm 50mm 494mm 440 Clincher
    650B 23mm 50mm 494mm 350 Tubular
    700C 25mm 30mm 586mm 310 Tubular
    700C 25mm 18mm 30mm 586mm 430 Clincher
    700C 25MM 60mm 525mm 480 Tubular
    700C 25mm 88mm 469mm 530 Tubular
    700C 25mm 18mm 38mm 569mm 470 Clincher
    700C 25mm 18mm 45mm 555mm 480 Clincher
    700C 25mm 18mm 38mm 569mm 470 Clincher Asymmetric
    700C 25mm 18mm 50mm 545mm 500 Clincher
    700C 25mm 18mm 50mm 545mm 500 Clincher Asymmetric
    700C 25mm 18mm 60mm 525mm 560 Clincher
    700C 25mm 38mm 569mm 360 Tubular Asymmetric
    700C 25mm 18mm 88mm 469mm 720 Clincher
    700C 25mm 38mm 569mm 360 Tubular
    700C 25mm 50mm 545mm 410 Tubular
    700C 25mm 50mm 545mm 410 Tubular Asymmetric
    700C 28mm 21mm 38mm 569mm 480/410 Clincher
    700C 28mm 21mm 50mm 545mm 510/460 Clincher

    Rim Material: full carbon Toray T700
    Spoke Hole Drilling: +/-6 deg
    Max Weight Limit: 120kg
    Max Spoke Tension: 160kgf
    Cycling Tyre Pressure: 60psi(recommended)
    Rim Warranty: 1 year
    Rim Lead Time: 15-20 working days

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