2017 tubeless Ready 700C carbon YH road rims series (Depth:20mm,38mm,50mm,60mm,88mm)

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2017 tubeless Ready 700C carbon YH road rims series (Depth:20mm,38mm,50mm,60mm,88mm)


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  • Product Description

    HY series owns the most sizes and attributes no matter mountain bike or road one.   What's more, it provides many"downhill" options in mountain bike. The design for carbon fibre wheels is very mature. If you are a veteran carbon fibre wheels user, you will like that.
    YH highway bike represents the latest design for carbon fibre rims. Its design is similar to BQ series. We design it through aerodynamics to present a triangle just like the consistent style of YH series. It is a mature carbon fibre wheelset design.
    Size Outer width Inner width Depth ERD Weight(g)+/-15 Model
    700c 23mm 20mm 598.4 330 Tubular
    700c 23mm 38mm 562.4 370 Tubular
    700c 23mm 50mm 538.4 370 Tubular
    700c 23mm 60mm 518.4 420 Tubular
    700c 23mm 88mm 462.4 510 Tubular
    700c 25mm 38mm 562.4 380 Tubular
    700c 25mm 50mm 538.4 400 Tubular
    700c 25mm 60mm 518.4 440 Tubular
    700c 25mm 88mm 462.4 530 Tubular
    700c 23mm 16mm 20mm 598.4 410 Clincher
    700c 23mm 16mm 38mm 562.4 430 Clincher
    700c 23mm 16mm 50mm 538.4 460 Clincher
    700c 23mm 16mm 60mm 518.4 500 Clincher
    700c 23mm 16mm 88mm 462.4 600 Clincher
    700c 25mm 38mm 562.4 480 Clincher
    700c 25mm 50mm 538.4 500 Clincher
    700c 25mm 60mm 518.4 570 Clincher
    700c 25mm 88mm 462.4 640 Clincher

    Rim Material: full carbon Toray T700
    Spoke Hole Drilling: +/-6 deg
    Max Weight Limit: 115kg
    Max Spoke Tension: 160kgf
    Cycling Tyre Pressure: 30psi(recommended)
    Rim Warranty: 1 year
    Rim Lead Time: 9 days

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