DT swiss

The DT group is a company that is centrally based in Bill. Bill is a small town in Switzerland which is located near the border of Switzerland and France. The company takes pride in holding the position of being one of the worlds’ best wheel products company.

DT swiss headquarters

DT swiss headquarters

DT swiss factory inside

DT swiss factory inside

Many products of manufactured by DT Swiss including the DT Swiss 350 and DT swiss 240S have been a part of the bicycles that are ridden by world’s popular athletes. Naturally, the products of this company are preferred by world-class athletes because of extremely high quality and superb performance.

DT Swiss 350 is most popular for its amazing work in complete and perfect sync with the disk brakes of the bicycles. Another reason that makes these wheels so popular is its affordability. They have been priced to be affordable for everyone and yet, ironically are preferred products for the world class biking enthusiasts. 

The DT swiss 240S is an exceptional wheel design that boosts the product performance by making it work in the front-forward pulling motion. This wheelset is available in a wide variety of variations. The highlight of the Dt swiss 240S is its attractive body design with a perfect combination of shiny, speedy 11 Shimano body design with a pull forward Swiss DT technology. These wheelsets were the recent ones to become a part of the bicycles of players in the Tour De France 2016. 

The contact free seals and high precision build guarantee smooth bearings; every bit of the rider’s energy is transformed into forward momentum. These features and the super lightweight design of all the hub parts highlights the racing legacy of this classic hub.

The Ratchet System driver mechanism is extremely durable, reliable and can be serviced without special tools in minutes, thanks to its simple press fit assembly. The press fit assembly also allows most hubs to work in almost any currently existing axle configuration, making them compatible with almost every bike.

DT Swiss hubs have earned their legendary reputation for quality and performance. There are multiple features that make this product a winner: 

DT swiss hub wheels

All products of DT Swiss Company are known for being very attractive looking and a perfect epitome of performance and durability. The carbon wheelsets are designed to be extremely lightweight to ensure that they can be effortlessly used by the customers. The company ensures to maintain a standard lightweight for all its products to boost usability and product efficiency. The standard weights stand at around 221 grams. All wheels sets are also designed to work in complete sync with the superlative disk brakes of the bicycles. Customers who have had personal experience of using the wheel sets produced by DT Swiss claim that the products work exceptionally well for years on end. Reviews of the product reveal that users who have been using the wheel sets by DT Swiss for more than 10 years only had to take their wheels for service once after 7 or 8 years of usage.

The latest most products by DT Swiss are launched with added modifications. The latest products offer more reliability, durability and a better overall quality. Moreover, the recent wheels sets are made to be more usable and come with replaceable end-cap swallows both for the front and back of wheels. However, the prices remain constant at a lower range to ensure affordability for maximum people on a global scale.

DT Swiss recently enquired about the wheel sets in its own hometown. All the feedback was positive, particularly in the town of Bienne where the people were noticeably happy with the perfection of quality and performance of the wheels. Some people went as far as terming the DT Swiss to be the ‘Rolex’ of the wheels world.