T800 Tubeless Asymmetric Carbon Mountain Bike Wheels XY series ( Width: 27mm, 30mm, 33.5mm, 35mm )

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T800 Tubeless Asymmetric Carbon Mountain Bike Wheels XY series ( Width: 27mm, 30mm, 33.5mm, 35mm )

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  • Product Description

    The Skyweight is a new series of rims from Carbonfan. Targeted specifically towards racers who seek every possible edge on the race course. Our goal
    was the produce the lightest possible rim without sacrificing performance. Through revisions in each step of the manufacturing process, we were able to
    produce a strong, light and competitive rim.

    Size Outer width  Inner width Depth ERD Performance  Weight(g)+/-15
    29er 27mm 22mm 23mm 593 XC 280
    29er 30mm 24mm 24mm 591 XC 320
    27.5er 30mm 24mm 24mm 553 XC 300
    Rim Material:  20% Toray T800 and 80% Toray T700
    Spoke Hole Drilling: +/-6 deg
    Asymmetric Offset: 2.6mm
    Max Weight Limit:  100KG
    Max Spoke Tension: 160kgf
    Cycling Tyre Pressure: 30psi(recommended)
    Rim Lead Time: 19 days
    Applicable to model: It only applies to Cross country(XC) 
    Diameter of the outer spoke hole: 6.5 

    DT Swiss

    DT Swiss hubs are well-known for its star ratchet system, with remarkable engagement between two ratchets. Here we should make a comparison work among 18T. 36T and 54T.

    54T offers a much more reliable engagement abilitiy compared to 18T and to 36T, with a louder noise. The riders who prefer a sound like Chris King hubs and Industry9 LOL hubs must like DT 54T. Also, it's for riders who love to stay in a higher gear on their familiar trails and who hate a slow sense from the 18T's sound when climbing.

    We can see below the constructional drawing and get to know what a great improvement it is for the upgrade facility and easy install of 54T rachets.

    The patented freewheel system, which features high-precision star ratchets, guarantees top performance and reliability. It is a no-tool concept that allows extremely simple and convenient maintenance.

    DT Swiss hub constructional drawing Carbonfan

    Part 1 Press fit end caps Removable by hand for quick conversions and service. +/- 0.0XX MM press fit tolerances.
    Part 2 BEARINGS High end catridge bearings throughout. Low friction thanks to single sided seals. 2080 N load capacity per bearing.
    Part 3 THREAD RING Takes up the inner ratchet, transfers torque to the hubshell. 450 Nm torque tested.
    Part 4 Lightweight alloy axles Optimized for the dynamic loads a hub undergoes. Tested to 13 standard lifecylces of a wheel.
    Part 5 Ratchet springs Push the ratchets against each other to engage Tested to 13 standard lifecylces of a wheel.
    Part 6 Ratchets The best system to transfer torque at the lowest weight.
       18 T / 20° engagement | 36 T / 10° engagement | 54 T / 6.6° engagement | options available
    Part 7 Alloy rotor bodies Lightweight and anodized. Super smooth surface finish of the contact area for the high precision, low friction rotary seal. +/- 0.0XX MM seal seat precision

    DT Swiss 36T Ratchet Carbonfan

    The engagement angle is the degree to which a hub spins freely before transfering the riders power to the wheel. The smaller the angle, the faster the leg power reaches the ground, so a smaller engagement angle is generally better. It is important to know though, that there are limits on the minimally possible angle, as the reliability of the freewheel system partially depends on the angle too. What makes the Ratchet System hubs truly unique, is the fact that all teeth of the two ratchets engage simultaneously every time. Pawl hubs in comparison engage only a couple pawls simultaneously. Furthermore, in the case of pawl hubs, the contact surface is rather small, whereas in the case of the Ratchet System, the whole front face engages, creating much smaller point loads. The result is the legendary reliability of the Ratchet System hubs and distinctive sound as the star ratchets rotate against each other!

    DT Swiss Spring 25% preloaded Carbonfan


    The rider pedals, the star ratchets engage and transfer the power to the threadring, and thus to the hub / wheel, using its the whole front face. The two conical springs are only slightly preloaded.

    DT Swiss Spring 50% preloaded Carbonfan


    The rider does not pedal, the Star Ratchets' teeth rotate against each other, the tension of the conical springs increases.

    DT Swiss Spring 100% preloaded Carbonfan


    The rider does not pedal, the Star Ratchets' teeth are tip to tip, the conical springs are preloaded to the maximum. The sequence begins anew and repeats thousands of times every kilometer!

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