T700 & T800 Carbonfan 700C carbon  road rims YX series (Depth: 38mm,45mm,50mm,55mm,60mm,88mm)

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T700 & T800 Carbonfan 700C carbon road rims YX series (Depth: 38mm,45mm,50mm,55mm,60mm,88mm)

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  • Product Description

    YX road rim will provide more choices of depth sizes. Including: 38mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, 88mm. This design will reduce the influence of the lateral wind on you when you are enjoying aerodynamics.

    Size Outer width Inner width Depth ERD T700 Weight(g)+/-15 T800 Weight(g)+/-15 Model
    700C 23mm 38mm 564mm 330 300 Tubular
    700C 23mm 50mm 540mm 370 335 Tubular
    700C 23mm 60mm 520mm 410 375 Tubular
    700C 23mm 16mm 38mm 564mm 405 370 Clincher
    700C 23mm 16mm 50mm 540mm 450 410 Clincher
    700C 23mm 16mm 60mm 520mm 490 455 Clincher
    700C 25mm 38mm 567mm 355 305 Tubular
    700C 25mm 50mm 543mm 395 355 Tubular
    700C 25mm 60mm 520mm 455 400 Tubular
    700C 25mm 88mm 464mm 535 495 Tubular
    700C 25mm 18mm 38mm 567mm 455 390 Clincher / Clincher Tubeless
    700C 25mm 18mm 50mm 543mm 490 435/440 Clincher / Clincher Tubeless
    700C 25mm 18mm 60mm 520mm 540 475/480 Clincher / Clincher Tubeless
    700C 25mm 18mm 88mm 464mm 650 600 Clincher / Clincher Tubeless
    700C 25mm 45mm 555mm 380 330 Asymmetric Tubular
    700C 25mm 55mm 535mm 435 385 Asymmetric Tubular
    700C 25mm 18mm 45mm 555mm 465 415 Asymmetric Clincher
    700C 25mm 18mm 55mm 535mm 500 455 Asymmetric Clincher
    700C 27mm 30mm 585mm 340 300 Tubular
    700C 27mm 20mm 30mm 585mm 415 365 Clincher

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