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Carbonfan is skilled at producing carbon bicycle rims, carbon bicycle wheels, and other products which are related to the carbon wheels. build high-performance wheels with several hub brands DT-Swiss, Hope, etc,

We will select parts of good quality to produce the great carbon rims and wheels.

At the same time, we will provide good services.

We will measure, check and adjust each wheelset strictly, no matter it is man-made or purchased from other places. These procedures make sure that each wheel will fit the exact standards for not only radial and lateral runout, but only the maximum spoke tension and most importantly, tension uniformity. Although it will take us a large amount of time to do that, we still think it is necessary because through that we can make sure that your wheels are worth trusting and show their best abilities.

You can get the wheel that is suitable for you in most situations through our working.

The key factor of every successful wheel is that we can know our customers' requirements for riding well. Because every need of our customers is special. Carbonfan believes that it is very important and necessary to talk with our customers and listen to the ideas before we start to build the wheel. This process will help us to choose the most suitable and perfect parts for our customers according to the riding style,weight, durability,and money that our customers will plan to spend.

The most important part of every perfect wheel is the right and unified spoke tension.

Spoke tension uniformity is important to maximum power transfer and durability of high performance wheels. Although you can buy wheels that seems to be straight, it is impossible for you to decide uniform spoke tension through your eyes. Few wheel manufacturers have the equipment,experience or the time to make sure that the tension is unified. We will relieve large amounts of spoke stress,measure tension carefully and pay careful attention to the adjustment.By using our own software to watch and check spoke tension all the time during the building process, we can produce wheels of the same every time. The end result is a perfect structure that efficiently transfers power and keep its unity even though you have ridden for thousands of miles.

Carbonfan thinks that honesty is very important. Everyone in our company is very proud of our own craft including the skills and technologies. We produce our products with strong felling of love and heart. We have an enjoyable environment. Our workers here are very nice and active. They work very hard. The production process is very standardized so we have formed our own set of method and strong teamwork spirit, which makes us very successful and gets excellent and consistent results.