About Carbonfan

Carbonfan is an organization that specializes in manufacturing a wide array of carbon bike parts. The manufacturers take pride in producing superlative and high quality Carbon bicycle rims ,Carbon bicycle wheels

It is also involved in designing and producing a number of other carbon-related products. The parts of bike that are made of carbon are very significant and important to be of high and durable quality. Carbonfan takes pride in producing the most amazing, high-quality carbon rims, wheels and other quality parts that will be useful to the customers in the long run. All products are produced by the company in strict controlled quality conditions. Every part is individually manufactured by the core and then assembled together to form the final product. A series of steps is religiously followed to ensure efficient output.

Since the company is majorly involved in manufacturing the carbon wheelsets, it is important to do it all very carefully. The reason is that wheels are one of the core parts of the bike that give it strength. Wheels are practically the backbone of any bike, need to be created with utmost precision and care.

Each of the wheels set that Carbonfan produces in manually built. There are no machines involved in the initial steps of production to ensure that all machine errors can be eliminated. Each and every measurement, inspection, modification and adjustment to the wheel set is made manually. The process is time-consuming but ensures that all wheel sets end products are perfect without any flaws.

Following a rigorous but extensive process for production is the only way to ensure that every wheelset produced is up to a given optimal standard. This way the manufacturers maintain a reputation for producing high-quality goods. The team working at Carbonfan is well-aware that the time it takes reduces the number of total goods produced. However, for Carbonfan the reliability and good quality of the product are much more important than earning huge profit margins.

Carbonfan works on customized carbon wheels orders as well. Hence, the customers will be able to get a wheelset for every bike and to match up any fitting. The one thing that we at Carbonfan think is a major reason for our success is the fact that we work to fulfill our customer’s needs. This is what makes us unique in our functionality. We believe in building an active communication with the clients from the first stage till the end so that we can truly live up to the client expectations and requirements.

In the recent times, the manufacturers have been particularly concerned with working with everything together. The official spokesperson for the manufacturers reveals that it is very difficult to promise durability, low prices, high-quality materials, performance and effective usage of power all in one product. However, carbonfan is committed to offering only the best to the customers and thus is tirelessly working to keep up with the developing pace. The main purpose of Carbonfan is to maintain uniformity and this is what it is striving to achieve.

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New reviews by Edward Sison Carbonfan Wheels

I just received my new wheelset from Carbonfan.com. I am participating in their customer review plan and received a discount on the wheelset. That being said I’ll do my best to provide as honest and impartial review. Check out the pictures below and the Youtube video I made here. This review is just for unboxing and setting up the wheelset. Ride review to come at a later date.

Wheelset Details:
29″ Carbonfan XY Asymmetric Rims – 29mm internal/35mm external width, 28H
DT Swiss 350 Boost, straight pull, centerlock
Sapim CX Ray and black aluminum nipples
Weight: 676g (F) + 782g (R) = 1458g (without tape/valves)

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High level carbon rims technologies

1 The material is all made by carbon
We use Toray T700 Material which is full of carbon fiber,The rims will last for a long time and their weight will be very light.
2 The surface of brake is made of basalt
We put stronger basalt on the surface of the brake so that the brake can perform very well and powerfully.
3 The construction is made by hands
The carbon layers are very modern and built by hands. It provides the best and ideal balance of strength and weight.
4 High TG epoxy resin,which is a strong glue
We put stronger high TG resin fiber on the surface of the brake so that the brake can perform very well and powerfully.
5 Additional High Mould Carbon Strip
The spoke holes are very rigid and difficult to move.
It makes our customer able to use them for a long time and improve the tension of spoke hole
6 Design with wide aerodynamics
The profile consists of 25 wide and mordern aerodynamic rims. It can make drivers control cars more easily and reduce the resistence when the wheels are rolling.
7 Engineer's design for the outline of rims
The feature of the rim is its hardness. If you want to climb with your bikes, make your bikes faster or follow others, you will be very satisfied with them because we have made the performance better than before.
8 MTB DESIGN with less hook
This design will make the performance of traction better and you can steer the car easier when going around corners.
It is hard and rigid. And we improve impact resistance greatly.
The design of carbon clincher rims
1.Our material consists of 23 layers carbon which make sure the weight of the carbon clincher rims is very light. This is our advantage to compete with competitors. At the same time, we use durable and reliable braing to keep safety.
2.There are 9 layers in the side wall of the rims with a combination of different angles of carbon fiber materials. That makes the rims able to resist high force coming from different sections.
3. Up to 36 layers of carbon rims are used in the important spoke hole bed to make sure that the carbon rim will make the cycling stronger and durable when the riders run into different road conditions.
The design of features
1.  The channel of tire
We use the carbon fiber with high angle(90 degree) in order to increase tire pressure as much as possible on the design of tire channel. It can reach up to 169 psi without any extra risks and damages according to the performance data.
During the process of production, the tire channel will experience additional testing because it is very important when we combine the carbon clincher rims together.
2 Stronger strip made of high mould carbon fiber
We add high mould carbon fiber reinforcement strip into the inside part of the rim in order to give additional protection to avoid breaking through the spokes and having a small hole in the tire that is caused by a sharp point.
3 Design in three dimensions
One direction(0 degree) carbon fiber is used on the 3D section so that it will make rims continuous and improve its firmness.
The cross line structure formed by two kinds of designs. One is the high degree carbon tire channel, the other is the low degree 3D section carbon. It provides a connection between the tire channel and rim side wall. At the same time, it improves durability and strength of the whole rim.
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Something you should know before you buy carbon road bike wheels

Nowadays,there are many different types of riding a bike,and riding a bike on road is one of the most popular ways.   Many people would like to go out riding with others and have a race which are not particularly for professionals. Speed and distance have a great effect on these riders.  The difference between leading the group and riding at the last is very small.

1.There are two ways to make your cycling skills much more  better than before. One is to train yourself hard so that you can ride a bicycle for longer periods of time.  The other is to improve your bike which can has a more powerful and efficient performance. You should try to enjoy the race in a freind way.
That's why carbon wheels exists. They are lighter and have  better aerodynamics than standard metal wheels. That means riders who ride a bike with carbon wheels will be easy to ride faster than those whose wheels are not made of carbon.
If you replace your current wheels with carbon ones, you will become a better and faster cyclist right away. There is no other better way than using a aerodynamic carbon wheels.
If you want to upgrade your bike, changing to road bike with carbon wheels will be the most valuable. They are a little expensive,but they will pay off when you compare the prcie with the improvement on the speed.
2.The difference between"Clincher Wheels" and " Tubular Wheels"
Here is the answer: if you want to take part in a competition, you can choose tubular wheels. If you are looking for  all-around wheels, you can choose clincher wheels. There are more criteria other than the two mentioned,but most people will buy a bike according to that two criteria.
Clincher and Tubular mean the type of rim and which type of tire can be used on the wheel.
Carbon clincher wheels are the most common type and can be used with a tire and inner tube. If your have a flat clincher wheel, you can change the inner tube and go on cycling quickly.
The weight of  carbon tubular wheels are lighter and its price is cheaper, but you have to use specific tubular tires.  Firstly ,you should put the tires and inner tube together to become one piece, and then we will use glue to stick it to the wheel.  In most cases, tubular tires are more expensive than clincher tires. If you are in a flat road, they are not very easy to be changed.
If you want to change a tubular tire, you will have to remove the glue from the tire and stick fresh glue to the new tubular tire. It will take some time to wait the glue dry. Many people will not be glad to change it when they are going cycling. The reason why tubular tire is  popular with professional racers is that it is cheaper and lighter but not convenient.
Why do some famous corporations only produce tubular carbon wheels? The reason is that nowadays it is very difficult to produce a carbon clincher wheel which can be strong enough in our daily life.This is why some corporations only sell tubular wheels and use aluminum rims to glue onto aerodynamic carbon fairings.
at carbonfan We have advanced technology in making clincher wheels. We use  a special type of material on the rims which is called basalt.  Basalt makes the carbon clincher wheels very strong and durable when you are go cycling. The weight is very light and the performance is very good.
3 Is it a truth that wider rims are better?
The width of the rims is usually 19mm for most carbon road bike wheels. But recently the improvements on the wheels have shown that wider wheels are better.
Why is wider rim better? There are 3 reasons including aerodynamics, handling, and rolling resistance.
1. A wider rim is more aerodynamic. The wider the rims is , the better will it match the width of the tire. This creates a balance of pressure from the front wheel to the back wheel, which results in a smoother flow of air on the wheels and bike.  That is to say, you can ride a bike faster and more efficiently.
2. Wide rims make you have a better handling.  In the case of clincher wheels, a wider rim spreads out the sides of the tire in round shape, which improves the handling by strengthening the consistency of the tire shape throughout different types of turns, especially some hard turns.  In case of tubular wheels, the shape of the tires is always round, which is decided by the production of tubular tires.  A wider rim increases the connection between the rim and the tubular tire while reducing the possibilities of tire rolling sideways off the rim.  And this makes the wheel safer and you can steer the bike better when you are making a hard turn.
3. Wide rims can reduce the rolling resistance.  In the case of clincher wheels, the wider rim allows the tire to spread out wider, which changes the shape of tire’s contact patch and some parts that contact the road.  If you use a narrow rim, the contact patch will be in a rectangle shape.  If you use a wider rim, the contact patch will be wider.  And it will be in a square shape, which will reduce the rolling resistance of the tire and improve the speed and efficiency.
Are wheels with wider rims heavier and will make the speed slower?  A wheel with wide rim will be heavier because it is made up of more carbon fiber.  Generally, most people think that the cycling speed will be slower if you use a heavier wheel. In fact, it is not true because the advantages of aerodynamics, handling, and rolling resistance outweigh the added weight.  If you want to compare the specifications of different wheels, that is the key point.  If you use a wide rim wheel instead of a narrow one, you can ride faster even though the weight reaches to hundreds of grams.
How to define the width? The standard width for a road bike rim is 19mm.  If the width is more than 23mm, it can be defined as “wide”.  Carbonfan defines the width as 25mm, which means the width of brake surface is 25mm in order to form compatibility with brakes and frames.
So if you ask me whether wide rims are better, I will answer you “YES” with certainty.
4. What does 38 , 50, 60, 88 mean?
You have learned how to choose the wheels between clincher and tubular ones in last lesson. Now i will tell you the meaning of these strange numbers:38,50,60,80.
These numbers represents the depth of the wheel's aerodynamic rim. Their unit is millimeter. I will take 38mm for example. This means the rims extends an extra 38mm towards the center from where the tire meets the wheel. 88mm means the rim extends 88mm from the tire.
Why is it very important? One of the biggest advantages of carbon raod bike wheels is the aerodynamics. They will decide how fast and efficiently a cyclist can ride. When  you are going cycling with your friends, and  leave behind others, it will be easier for you to keep up with them because of the great aerodynamics.
The biggest source of slow aerodynamic turbulence is the rolling wheels. We really value that problem so we built the wheels which have the advantage of aerodynamics. We also increase the depth of the rim.  The deeper the rim is, the more aerodynamic the wheel will be, and you will go riding faster and efficiently when you go through the wind as well.  Rim with the depth of 88mm is more aerodynamic than that of 38mm, which will make your speed faster when you are in the situation of important aerodynamics like triathlon.
Since rims with 88mm depth are more aerodynamic, why will people choose rims with 38mm?  If a wheel becomes aerodynamic, it can be easily affected by cross wind or lateral wind.  Let’s image that when you use the front and rear rim with 88mm depth, your riding speed will be very fast because of the aerodynamics of deep wheels.  But if the wind comes from the side direction, it will blow the large rims and the whole bike to other directions.  It will not matter a lot if you ride a bike alone like triathlon, but if you ride a bike with many other cyclists, you will hit others unless you pay closely attention to your riding.
Is there any solution to this situation? There will have less effect but less aerodynamic advantage if you choose the rim with shallower depth.  if that doesn’t work out ,you may consider factor of weight.  Wheels with 38mm depth will lighter than that with 88mm depth because less carbon is applied to them.  If you ride a bike with a lighter wheel, your riding speed will be improved.  At the same time, it will make you easier to ride up the hills. So if you like climbing hills and sprint, rims with 38mm depth will be your best choice.
Why do you often see a bike with different front and rear wheels?  Because the front wheel is used to steer the bike, which is easily be affected by the cross wind.  Rear wheel will not be affected largely because it is fixed in a straight line with the bike.  You can choose a rear wheel with deeper rim for not affecting the handling. carbonfan offers wheelsets with 38mm-50mm to solve this problem.  This kind of wheelset is made up of a front rim with 38mm depth and a rear rim with 50mm depth.  Now you can take advantage of aerodynamics to keep your bike stable enough even in windy conditions.
Do you know how to choose wheels? I think it is one of the hardest things for cyclists to choose a suitable wheels.  Firstly, you should think about the situations when you are riding.  You can choose a wheelset with 38mm depth if you often go cycling along the mountain.  You can choose a wheelset with 50mm depth if you are an all-around cyclist.  If you are an all round cyclist who seek for more aerodynamic advantage, you can choose a wheelset with 60mm depth. If you like go cycling alone or take part in the triathlon, you can choose a wheelset with 88mm depth.
It is still difficult for you to decide on which one to buy?  You can just choose a wheelset with 60mm depth because it is the most popular and great one which owns all around wheelset.  But if you join in a triathlon, just choose the one with 60-88mm depth for its popularity among the triathlon athletes.
5. Are Spokes and Hubs important? The answer is yes.
What’s the difference among different spokes? Carbonfan provides all kinds of spokes.  The standard spokes are pillar ones.  We also upgrade to the spoke Sapim CX-Ray, which are the best ones in the world. They are much more stronger, lighter and aerodynamic.
Which kind of riders need to upgrade the spokes to Sapim CX-Ray?
If you are a strong and fat rider, the increased strength of the Sapim spokes will keep your wheel longer.  At the same time , if you want your wheels to perform best, the increased aerodynamics and lightweight will give you a wheelset with excellent performance.
In fact, the standard pillar spokes are also very good.  We are glad to recommend them to people who want a great wheelset which will cost them a fortune.  If you can’t decide which one to buy, just choose the standard spokes because it is much cheaper. If you have a good understanding of the good performance of Sapim CX-Rays, don’t hesitate to upgrade it.
How do choose good hubs? Carbonfan mainly offers 3 different road bike hub sets. Our standard hubs are DT Swiss 350. We also provide DT Swiss 240s , which are upgraded based on DT Swiss 350 .  And we also have especially upgraded Hope Rs4 hub sets.
The standard DT Swiss 350 hub is pretty good, and it is also our most popular hub.  We will recommend it to riders who want a great hub set at a reasonable price.
The DT Swiss 240s hub is lightweight. It is more durable and will roll faster.  You don’t need to check and repair all the time.
The DT Swiss 240s and Hope RS4 hub set is marvelous, but to be honest, you will have to pay much more money for it due to the factor of brand effect.  If you want to get your friend's approval, just choose DT Swiss 240s or Hope RS4 hub set.
If it is hard for you do decide which one to purchase, I will recommend the standard spoke, the standard DT Swiss 350 , They are all very great and I'm sure you'll love them.
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Tax department officer visit ours office.

Tax department officer visit ours office, and they are suppose to send us a small flag, to thanks for us paid lots of tax in last year.

Yes ,we sold a lots of carbon wheels last year.

But the funny thing is when they visiting us , we have two young client Jim and Duke meeting with us as well. so the Tax officer asking ours client take a picture with her.

They are holding a 2017 Asymmetric carbon rims XY series, with ours logo.

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How we make the carbon wheels

We produce carbon fiber rims and wheels in an impressive way. The process is like a exciting trip, including preparing the basic materials, shaping,building, checking everything and finishing. We will work hard to make sure that the carbon wheelset our guests receive will be satisfactory and meet their needs.

1 The cutting and process of getting the carbon material ready for use

Most of the rim structure is made of Toray T700 full carbon fiber which is efficient and can last for a long time.we use special basalt carbon on the top layer of the brake. This material will make the performance of the brake much more better and you can use the brake for a longer time even though you brakes in an unusual way . We use different densities of carbon fiber on every rim so that it can own a structure which last for a long time. And each carbon fiber piece is cut accurately so that it can meet the carbon rims’ requirements.

2 The way how to add the carbon fiber into the mould

Every Carbonfan rim is made up of some different carbon layers which are covered with different angles and patterns. And then the unit will become nice and can return to its original shape after being stretched. This special and unusual design makes up a main pattern and the pattern will make the carbon rims strong and last for a long time.

3 how to Layup Molding

Firstly, we will put the braking surface,which is made of basalt, and surface layer of carbon rim into the mould. Secondly, we will put layup into the mold until it is full. In usual cases, it will be processed at high temperature for 45 minutes to make the layup become a carbon rim which is very strong and cannot easily be destroyed.

4 Looking closely at the roundness and weight of every carbon rim

The producing procedures is very important,but at Carbonfan we think checking every rim carefully is also very necessary and important so that our products will be excellent and of good quality. After the rim is removed from the mould, we will check the roundness, lateral measurements, and weight carefully to ensure every unit is

5 Spoke hole drilling

The next step we will make everything based on the customer’s requirements. We will make sure that the position and angle of the spoke holes are absolutely precise and accurate through drilling machine until our customers are satisfied.

6 Clean the carbon rim

During the process of mould, it is very normal to have some flaws,faults and burring. Once we find them, we will clean and remove them from the rims. It will take a lot of time to do the cleaning to make the rims smooth because we pay attention to every detail to make sure that the wheels our customers get are very perfect and beautiful.

7 Putting the last covering of paint onto the surface

When the carbom rims are smooth enough, we will cover the out layer fiber of the rims with thick paint. The paint will not only make them look shiny, but also protect against rocks, chips and unpleasant weather.

8 Wheels Building and Testing

The last step of our producing process is to build the wheels. We put the spokes into the rim and adjust the tension to enough levels. We fix every spoke one-by-one and make it tight to the right torque. Then we do many tests on carbon bicycle wheels including spoke hole tension test, braking surface test and lateral torsion test to make the braking performance better than before and make sure that they are strong and safe enough when our customers are riding bicycles.

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Why we deal with several different series of rims?

The riders come to ours Carbonfan store for the first time, they might feel a little confused as they find one series has more or less difference with others.

We have numbers of Series wheels, some of them even have a similar size of rims. so the people don’t know which one they should choose.
To answer this question,We need to explain more about carbon rims.
The carbon rims are typically hand-made products, which means different machine models, tech workers, may deliver a slightly different kind of product. The different character and experience of each leader of production line can turn out different characteristics of the rims, and then, of the wheels. For most cases, it’s not quite about quality difference, but different features.
But when you ride on the wheels after hundreds of kilometers, you may tell the difference.
Just like a beer of the same brand but made in different cities, it often offers some different tastes to some extent.

XY Series

XY carbon rims series is a very special series because all the designs of the rims are asymmetrical. XY series is good at asymmetric mountain bike wheels. Of course, it owns two types of road bike wheels whose design is also asymmetric. If you are very interested in the asymmetric system, XY series will be your best choice. In recent two years, asymmetric design is becoming more and more popular, so we specially launch a series to produce asymmetric wheels.

BQ Series

BQ Series is our main series in early years. It is also more expensive than other series,We always use advanced and innovative design on this series in order to seek more performance. The chief mechanic of BQ series is the former chief engineer of the world’s biggest carbon fiber manufacturer. So he has a better understanding and ideas about the carbon fiber wheels.  You will find that the designs of BQ series is more sleek, which will make them have better intensity and weigh ratio. But it requires strict production ability for the engineer.

TD series

The design for wheels in TD series is classic symmetry, which is very different from XY series. It is still the most commonly used design in the market. If you observe its cross-section carefully, you will find that it is more close to the traditional design for the aluminum wheels.  If it is your first time to use carbon fibre wheels, TD will be your best choice.  Because they will give you similar felling when you are using aluminum wheels. TD series targets players who use carbon fibre wheels the first time.

YH series

HY series owns the most sizes and attributes no matter mountain bike or road one. What’s more, it provides many “downhill” options in mountain bike. The design for carbon fibre wheels is very mature. If you are a veteran carbon fibre wheels user, you will like that.

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CARBONFAN is now proud to present a new type of rim appearance to the riders. first time in the world!

We all know that the present market of carbon fiber bicycles include the appearance of the rim as followed, weave UD, 3K, 12K, 24K, and matte and glossy as finishing surface. In order to prevent visual fatigue, our Ben–series of wheels launch a new look for the rim market. Attached a picture.

As you see, first of all, the brake side on this pic is made from a type of new slip-preventing material chemical. The look of cow-skin, we just call the Cow-stripe braking track temporarily. Compared to the traditional basalt brake side, the touch-braking effect shows up very prominent when riding, which results a obviously higher sensitivity for braking. Thus, the traditional brake side needs a rather long braking times (especially during the downhill process). This avoids the obvious and instantaneous temperature increase of the brake side of the large, greatly reducing the chance of deformation of the brake track. Of course, the special look of the stripe on brakes edge is also much nicer than ordinary basalt brakes, last but not least, CARBONFAN Team think so.

Secondly, the rest of the rim surface (part of the brake track side), we launched the Silk-looking weave in matte finishing. Seeing the picture, unlike the traditional UD matte design without any line nor block on, this new idea of appearance we used in the production process, permits the rims looking and feeling like a real silk, natural, delicate, presenting. The use of breathable weave, helps a lot to achieve such a nice sensory effect, objectively .
Now, as first stage, only three specifications with this SILK appearance of the rim were just introduced to the riders by CARBONFAN, as followed :
1. 30mm depth – Clincher – 23mm width, 410 +/- 10g, SILK-UD-Matte,
2. 38mm depth – Clincher – 23mm width, 440 +/- 10g, SILK-UD-Matte,
3. 50mm depth – Clincher – 23mm width, 480 +/- 10g, SILK-UD-Matte.

Buy wheels from here:

2017 new release 700C width 23mm Clincher carbon road rims BQ series

Only Buy rims form here :

2017 new release 700C width 23mm Clincher carbon road rims BQ series

CARBONFAN suggests it!

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Carbon rim Price changed

We noticed some advises from forums , and had a inner meeting with ours boss. completely reviewed ours price. and finally ,We made some important changes:
1 We removed some price increase options, now I m sure you can get it with the price what you are looking at.
2 We reduced the base price after compared with some others store, I m pretty sure we are the one of most affordable rim&wheels manufacturer now!
We are looking into became a leading affordable rims supplier in the world, We have XY XC BQ TD, producing lines offer hundreds chooses of rims.
wish everyone has a wonderful riding time,