MTB carbon rim & wheels

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Talking about MTB carbon rims, we cannot imagine where on earth in the world, or in China if to be somehow modest, can make out such a lots rims with different size (29er, 650B, 26er), and with different width (65mm, 55mm, 50mm, 45mm, 40mm, 38mm, 35mm, 27mm...), and with normal and asymmetric shapes. Here, it’s just the real origin of carbon mountain rims. Believe us, people can find every size and every shape in this city, except that you wanna find a "square" rim instead of round one. It's called CITY OF RIMS. Every month, more than 20,000 rims (mountain and road ones) come out of this city. CARBONFAN rims are in them, too, of course.

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