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Modern spokes are available in a variety of lengths, shapes, materials, finishes, and attachment types.  All spokes provide the basic function of connecting the hub to the rim.  This seemingly straightforward static function becomes far more complex when we consider dynamic loading patterns.  Bicycle wheels operate under complex repeated loading conditions referred to as “fatigue cycles”.  Spokes must carry combined loading from the following primary sources.

  • Wheel tension: Stress caused by tightening spokes during a build. Tension can be as high 100-130 Kg per spoke.
  • Rider weight: Heavier mass increases stress under cyclic fatigue loads.
  • Torque loading: Rear wheel power input as well as disc brake forces add torque to the entire spoke system.
  • Tire pressure: Increased tire pressure has the effect of causing lower spoke tension, which increases fatigue sensitivity.
  • Impact loading: Potholes or trail features cause large tension fluctuations in a spoke system.
  • Lateral loading: Stress caused by side loading of a wheel.

Spokes behave similar to bolts by stretching under tension and using the energy held in the material to resists complex dynamic loads. Spoke tension cannot be determined by visually inspecting a wheel and is independent of wheel straightness. Evaluation of maximum tension and uniformity can be measured with a tensiometer, and is critical to long-term fatigue life of a wheel system.

While it is not practical to calculate fatigue life cycles for every custom wheel, there are a few key considerations you can make when selecting spokes.

  • Heavy riders or heavy duty applications: consider heavier gauge spokes with thicker cross sections for increased lateral stability.
  • Heavy riders or heavy duty applications: use higher spoke counts to lower individual spoke stress over millions of fatigue cycles.  This can dramatically improve long term durability.
  • Use bladed spokes to reduce weight and control high tension wind-up for high performance applications.
  • Bladed spokes will contribute to slightly lower lateral stiffness due to less cross sectional area in the lateral plane.
  • Always use a slightly longer rather than a slightly shorter spoke to protect against failures of the spoke thread and nipple.


These spokes are useful for road, triathlon, time trial, cross-country or other applications where the reduction of aerodynamic drag is crucial to maximum performance. Aerodynamic spokes can be identified by their ovalized or bladed cross sections.

An added benefit to building with bladed spokes is the ability to control wind-up at higher tension. Bladed spokes can be stabilized using a bladed tool holder to help control twisting and tension uniformity with much greater precision. Round spokes will twist at higher tension and twisting can be difficult to control on narrower wire.


Can be easily identified by a change in spoke wire diameter near the head of the spoke and near the threaded portion of the spoke. Double butted spokes are lighter than straight gauge and offer better ride qualities due to a more flexible center section. Double butted spokes are generally very strong, however spokes with 1.5mm center sections can be challenging to build at higher tension due to twisting. Ultra thin center sections are not recommended for disc brake applications.


These spokes can be identified by a single change in diameter between the neck and the body of the spoke. The neck is slightly thicker than the body to improve durability for disc brake and other heavy-duty applications. Single butted spokes are slightly heavier than double butted, but offer incremental lateral stiffness gains. Single butted spokes are popular for high torque or E-bike applications where extra material at the neck can be beneficial to durability. Single butted spokes with 2.3mm neck diameters are also useful for wheels to be rebuilt with used hubs that have worn or oversized mounting holes in the flanges.


These can be identified by a constant wire diameter throughout their length, which makes them slightly heavier than double butted spokes. Straight gauge spokes offer higher lateral stiffness compared to bladed or Double Butted due to their thicker cross section. These are the simplest spoke type and can be used for general purpose or heavy-duty applications. One benefit to both straight gauge and single butted spokes is their ability to be custom cut into ultra short lengths due to a constant wire diameter.

Tire Size Chart For Carbonfan Bicycle Rim

Tire Size Chart For Carbonfan Bicycle Rim

Here is our general recommendation on the tire width range that works best with a given internal rim width of Carbonfan.

This is an estimation of rim width tyre size chart to help identify what rims you should look at, however tire brands will have their own recommendations which should be adhered to. This information can be found on the sidewall of your tires.

Generally speaking, if your tire is narrow compared to the rim, you risk pinch flatting and damage to the wide rim. If your tire is too wide compared to the rim, you risk burping/excess tire roll, and poor stability.




The heart of the Scalpel-Si and F-Si System Integration is the all-new, Ai, asymmetrically offset rear triangle and drivetrain. The offset shifts the rear hub and drivetrain 6mm to the right, delivering super short chainstays without any of the usual compromises, and a rear wheel that is dramatically stiffer and stronger because the spoke tension and angles are equal on both sides. We then integrate this with our new Ai HollowGram spider, which moves the chainrings an equal 6mm to the right, balancing the system and maintaining perfect chain-line, shifting performance and Q-factor. This elegantly simple approach – Ai – enables us to have our cake and eat it too. The extra space created by shifting the drivetrain outboard enables us to have:

  • The shortest chainstays on the market, for incredible traction,
  • Stiffness and agility.
  • Up to 60% increase in rear wheel stiffness.
  • Dual chainring compatibility with super short stays.
  • Tons of mud clearance.
  • Ample tire clearance with the chain and front derailleur.

By moving the hub to the driveside, rear wheel strength is increased. The result is a stiffer interface than a thru-axle while still retaining a quick-release rear wheel.

Bicycle Hub gear DT 18T/36T/54T suit for X1600 X1700 1501 level above the wheel group SWISS bike gear hub

Bicycle Hub gear DT 18T/36T/54T suit for X1600 X1700 1501 level above the wheel group SWISS bike gear hub

Bicycle Hub gear 18T/36T/54T Rennrad teile suit for X1600 X1700 1501 level above the wheel group bike gear hub.
Taki planets apply: DT X1600 X1700 1501 level above the wheel group.

DT190, 240S, 340,350,440 and 540 hubs.

Weight : 18 gear / around 13.72g

36 gear/ around 14.63g
54 gear/ around 13.69g

New reviews by Edward Sison Carbonfan Wheels

New reviews by Edward Sison Carbonfan Wheels

I just received my new wheelset from I am participating in their customer review plan and received a discount on the wheelset. That being said I’ll do my best to provide as honest and impartial review. Check out the pictures below and the Youtube video I made here. This review is just for unboxing and setting up the wheelset. Ride review to come at a later date.

Wheelset Details:
29″ Carbonfan XY Asymmetric Rims – 29mm internal/35mm external width, 28H
DT Swiss 350 Boost, straight pull, centerlock
Sapim CX Ray and black aluminum nipples
Weight: 676g (F) + 782g (R) = 1458g (without tape/valves)

High level carbon rims technologies

High level carbon rims technologies

1 The material is all made by carbon
We use Toray T700 Material which is full of carbon fiber,The rims will last for a long time and their weight will be very light.
2 The surface of brake is made of basalt
We put stronger basalt on the surface of the brake so that the brake can perform very well and powerfully.
3 The construction is made by hands
The carbon layers are very modern and built by hands. It provides the best and ideal balance of strength and weight.
4 High TG epoxy resin,which is a strong glue
We put stronger high TG resin fiber on the surface of the brake so that the brake can perform very well and powerfully.
5 Additional High Mould Carbon Strip
The spoke holes are very rigid and difficult to move.
It makes our customer able to use them for a long time and improve the tension of spoke hole
6 Design with wide aerodynamics
The profile consists of 25 wide and mordern aerodynamic rims. It can make drivers control cars more easily and reduce the resistence when the wheels are rolling.
7 Engineer's design for the outline of rims
The feature of the rim is its hardness. If you want to climb with your bikes, make your bikes faster or follow others, you will be very satisfied with them because we have made the performance better than before.
8 MTB DESIGN with less hook
This design will make the performance of traction better and you can steer the car easier when going around corners.
It is hard and rigid. And we improve impact resistance greatly.
The design of carbon clincher rims
1.Our material consists of 23 layers carbon which make sure the weight of the carbon clincher rims is very light. This is our advantage to compete with competitors. At the same time, we use durable and reliable braing to keep safety.
2.There are 9 layers in the side wall of the rims with a combination of different angles of carbon fiber materials. That makes the rims able to resist high force coming from different sections.
3. Up to 36 layers of carbon rims are used in the important spoke hole bed to make sure that the carbon rim will make the cycling stronger and durable when the riders run into different road conditions.
The design of features
1.  The channel of tire
We use the carbon fiber with high angle(90 degree) in order to increase tire pressure as much as possible on the design of tire channel. It can reach up to 169 psi without any extra risks and damages according to the performance data.
During the process of production, the tire channel will experience additional testing because it is very important when we combine the carbon clincher rims together.
2 Stronger strip made of high mould carbon fiber
We add high mould carbon fiber reinforcement strip into the inside part of the rim in order to give additional protection to avoid breaking through the spokes and having a small hole in the tire that is caused by a sharp point.
3 Design in three dimensions
One direction(0 degree) carbon fiber is used on the 3D section so that it will make rims continuous and improve its firmness.
The cross line structure formed by two kinds of designs. One is the high degree carbon tire channel, the other is the low degree 3D section carbon. It provides a connection between the tire channel and rim side wall. At the same time, it improves durability and strength of the whole rim.
Something you should know before you buy carbon road bike wheels

Something you should know before you buy carbon road bike wheels

Nowadays,there are many different types of riding a bike,and riding a bike on road is one of the most popular ways.   Many people would like to go out riding with others and have a race which are not particularly for professionals. Speed and distance have a great effect on these riders.  The difference between leading the group and riding at the last is very small.

1.There are two ways to make your cycling skills much more  better than before. One is to train yourself hard so that you can ride a bicycle for longer periods of time.  The other is to improve your bike which can has a more powerful and efficient performance. You should try to enjoy the race in a freind way.
That's why carbon wheels exists. They are lighter and have  better aerodynamics than standard metal wheels. That means riders who ride a bike with carbon wheels will be easy to ride faster than those whose wheels are not made of carbon.
If you replace your current wheels with carbon ones, you will become a better and faster cyclist right away. There is no other better way than using a aerodynamic carbon wheels.
If you want to upgrade your bike, changing to road bike with carbon wheels will be the most valuable. They are a little expensive,but they will pay off when you compare the prcie with the improvement on the speed.
2.The difference between"Clincher Wheels" and " Tubular Wheels"
Here is the answer: if you want to take part in a competition, you can choose tubular wheels. If you are looking for  all-around wheels, you can choose clincher wheels. There are more criteria other than the two mentioned,but most people will buy a bike according to that two criteria.
Clincher and Tubular mean the type of rim and which type of tire can be used on the wheel.
Carbon clincher wheels are the most common type and can be used with a tire and inner tube. If your have a flat clincher wheel, you can change the inner tube and go on cycling quickly.
The weight of  carbon tubular wheels are lighter and its price is cheaper, but you have to use specific tubular tires.  Firstly ,you should put the tires and inner tube together to become one piece, and then we will use glue to stick it to the wheel.  In most cases, tubular tires are more expensive than clincher tires. If you are in a flat road, they are not very easy to be changed.
If you want to change a tubular tire, you will have to remove the glue from the tire and stick fresh glue to the new tubular tire. It will take some time to wait the glue dry. Many people will not be glad to change it when they are going cycling. The reason why tubular tire is  popular with professional racers is that it is cheaper and lighter but not convenient.
Why do some famous corporations only produce tubular carbon wheels? The reason is that nowadays it is very difficult to produce a carbon clincher wheel which can be strong enough in our daily life.This is why some corporations only sell tubular wheels and use aluminum rims to glue onto aerodynamic carbon fairings.
at carbonfan We have advanced technology in making clincher wheels. We use  a special type of material on the rims which is called basalt.  Basalt makes the carbon clincher wheels very strong and durable when you are go cycling. The weight is very light and the performance is very good.
3 Is it a truth that wider rims are better?
The width of the rims is usually 19mm for most carbon road bike wheels. But recently the improvements on the wheels have shown that wider wheels are better.
Why is wider rim better? There are 3 reasons including aerodynamics, handling, and rolling resistance.
1. A wider rim is more aerodynamic. The wider the rims is , the better will it match the width of the tire. This creates a balance of pressure from the front wheel to the back wheel, which results in a smoother flow of air on the wheels and bike.  That is to say, you can ride a bike faster and more efficiently.
2. Wide rims make you have a better handling.  In the case of clincher wheels, a wider rim spreads out the sides of the tire in round shape, which improves the handling by strengthening the consistency of the tire shape throughout different types of turns, especially some hard turns.  In case of tubular wheels, the shape of the tires is always round, which is decided by the production of tubular tires.  A wider rim increases the connection between the rim and the tubular tire while reducing the possibilities of tire rolling sideways off the rim.  And this makes the wheel safer and you can steer the bike better when you are making a hard turn.
3. Wide rims can reduce the rolling resistance.  In the case of clincher wheels, the wider rim allows the tire to spread out wider, which changes the shape of tire’s contact patch and some parts that contact the road.  If you use a narrow rim, the contact patch will be in a rectangle shape.  If you use a wider rim, the contact patch will be wider.  And it will be in a square shape, which will reduce the rolling resistance of the tire and improve the speed and efficiency.
Are wheels with wider rims heavier and will make the speed slower?  A wheel with wide rim will be heavier because it is made up of more carbon fiber.  Generally, most people think that the cycling speed will be slower if you use a heavier wheel. In fact, it is not true because the advantages of aerodynamics, handling, and rolling resistance outweigh the added weight.  If you want to compare the specifications of different wheels, that is the key point.  If you use a wide rim wheel instead of a narrow one, you can ride faster even though the weight reaches to hundreds of grams.
How to define the width? The standard width for a road bike rim is 19mm.  If the width is more than 23mm, it can be defined as “wide”.  Carbonfan defines the width as 25mm, which means the width of brake surface is 25mm in order to form compatibility with brakes and frames.
So if you ask me whether wide rims are better, I will answer you “YES” with certainty.
4. What does 38 , 50, 60, 88 mean?
You have learned how to choose the wheels between clincher and tubular ones in last lesson. Now i will tell you the meaning of these strange numbers:38,50,60,80.
These numbers represents the depth of the wheel's aerodynamic rim. Their unit is millimeter. I will take 38mm for example. This means the rims extends an extra 38mm towards the center from where the tire meets the wheel. 88mm means the rim extends 88mm from the tire.
Why is it very important? One of the biggest advantages of carbon raod bike wheels is the aerodynamics. They will decide how fast and efficiently a cyclist can ride. When  you are going cycling with your friends, and  leave behind others, it will be easier for you to keep up with them because of the great aerodynamics.
The biggest source of slow aerodynamic turbulence is the rolling wheels. We really value that problem so we built the wheels which have the advantage of aerodynamics. We also increase the depth of the rim.  The deeper the rim is, the more aerodynamic the wheel will be, and you will go riding faster and efficiently when you go through the wind as well.  Rim with the depth of 88mm is more aerodynamic than that of 38mm, which will make your speed faster when you are in the situation of important aerodynamics like triathlon.
Since rims with 88mm depth are more aerodynamic, why will people choose rims with 38mm?  If a wheel becomes aerodynamic, it can be easily affected by cross wind or lateral wind.  Let’s image that when you use the front and rear rim with 88mm depth, your riding speed will be very fast because of the aerodynamics of deep wheels.  But if the wind comes from the side direction, it will blow the large rims and the whole bike to other directions.  It will not matter a lot if you ride a bike alone like triathlon, but if you ride a bike with many other cyclists, you will hit others unless you pay closely attention to your riding.
Is there any solution to this situation? There will have less effect but less aerodynamic advantage if you choose the rim with shallower depth.  if that doesn’t work out ,you may consider factor of weight.  Wheels with 38mm depth will lighter than that with 88mm depth because less carbon is applied to them.  If you ride a bike with a lighter wheel, your riding speed will be improved.  At the same time, it will make you easier to ride up the hills. So if you like climbing hills and sprint, rims with 38mm depth will be your best choice.
Why do you often see a bike with different front and rear wheels?  Because the front wheel is used to steer the bike, which is easily be affected by the cross wind.  Rear wheel will not be affected largely because it is fixed in a straight line with the bike.  You can choose a rear wheel with deeper rim for not affecting the handling. carbonfan offers wheelsets with 38mm-50mm to solve this problem.  This kind of wheelset is made up of a front rim with 38mm depth and a rear rim with 50mm depth.  Now you can take advantage of aerodynamics to keep your bike stable enough even in windy conditions.
Do you know how to choose wheels? I think it is one of the hardest things for cyclists to choose a suitable wheels.  Firstly, you should think about the situations when you are riding.  You can choose a wheelset with 38mm depth if you often go cycling along the mountain.  You can choose a wheelset with 50mm depth if you are an all-around cyclist.  If you are an all round cyclist who seek for more aerodynamic advantage, you can choose a wheelset with 60mm depth. If you like go cycling alone or take part in the triathlon, you can choose a wheelset with 88mm depth.
It is still difficult for you to decide on which one to buy?  You can just choose a wheelset with 60mm depth because it is the most popular and great one which owns all around wheelset.  But if you join in a triathlon, just choose the one with 60-88mm depth for its popularity among the triathlon athletes.
5. Are Spokes and Hubs important? The answer is yes.
What’s the difference among different spokes? Carbonfan provides all kinds of spokes.  The standard spokes are pillar ones.  We also upgrade to the spoke Sapim CX-Ray, which are the best ones in the world. They are much more stronger, lighter and aerodynamic.
Which kind of riders need to upgrade the spokes to Sapim CX-Ray?
If you are a strong and fat rider, the increased strength of the Sapim spokes will keep your wheel longer.  At the same time , if you want your wheels to perform best, the increased aerodynamics and lightweight will give you a wheelset with excellent performance.
In fact, the standard pillar spokes are also very good.  We are glad to recommend them to people who want a great wheelset which will cost them a fortune.  If you can’t decide which one to buy, just choose the standard spokes because it is much cheaper. If you have a good understanding of the good performance of Sapim CX-Rays, don’t hesitate to upgrade it.
How do choose good hubs? Carbonfan mainly offers 3 different road bike hub sets. Our standard hubs are DT Swiss 350. We also provide DT Swiss 240s , which are upgraded based on DT Swiss 350 .  And we also have especially upgraded Hope Rs4 hub sets.
The standard DT Swiss 350 hub is pretty good, and it is also our most popular hub.  We will recommend it to riders who want a great hub set at a reasonable price.
The DT Swiss 240s hub is lightweight. It is more durable and will roll faster.  You don’t need to check and repair all the time.
The DT Swiss 240s and Hope RS4 hub set is marvelous, but to be honest, you will have to pay much more money for it due to the factor of brand effect.  If you want to get your friend's approval, just choose DT Swiss 240s or Hope RS4 hub set.
If it is hard for you do decide which one to purchase, I will recommend the standard spoke, the standard DT Swiss 350 , They are all very great and I'm sure you'll love them.
Tax department officer visit ours office.

Tax department officer visit ours office.

Tax department officer visit ours office, and they are suppose to send us a small flag, to thanks for us paid lots of tax in last year.

Yes ,we sold a lots of carbon wheels last year.

But the funny thing is when they visiting us , we have two young client Jim and Duke meeting with us as well. so the Tax officer asking ours client take a picture with her.

They are holding a 2017 Asymmetric carbon rims XY series, with ours logo.