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How we make the carbon wheels

How we make the carbon wheels

We produce carbon fiber rims and wheels in an impressive way. The process is like a exciting trip, including preparing the basic materials, shaping,building, checking everything and finishing. We will work hard to make sure that the carbon wheelset our guests receive will be satisfactory and meet their needs.

1 The cutting and process of getting the carbon material ready for use

Most of the rim structure is made of Toray T700 full carbon fiber which is efficient and can last for a long time.we use special basalt carbon on the top layer of the brake. This material will make the performance of the brake much more better and you can use the brake for a longer time even though you brakes in an unusual way . We use different densities of carbon fiber on every rim so that it can own a structure which last for a long time. And each carbon fiber piece is cut accurately so that it can meet the carbon rims’ requirements.

2 The way how to add the carbon fiber into the mould

Every Carbonfan rim is made up of some different carbon layers which are covered with different angles and patterns. And then the unit will become nice and can return to its original shape after being stretched. This special and unusual design makes up a main pattern and the pattern will make the carbon rims strong and last for a long time.

3 how to Layup Molding

Firstly, we will put the braking surface,which is made of basalt, and surface layer of carbon rim into the mould. Secondly, we will put layup into the mold until it is full. In usual cases, it will be processed at high temperature for 45 minutes to make the layup become a carbon rim which is very strong and cannot easily be destroyed.

4 Looking closely at the roundness and weight of every carbon rim

The producing procedures is very important,but at Carbonfan we think checking every rim carefully is also very necessary and important so that our products will be excellent and of good quality. After the rim is removed from the mould, we will check the roundness, lateral measurements, and weight carefully to ensure every unit is

5 Spoke hole drilling

The next step we will make everything based on the customer’s requirements. We will make sure that the position and angle of the spoke holes are absolutely precise and accurate through drilling machine until our customers are satisfied.

6 Clean the carbon rim

During the process of mould, it is very normal to have some flaws,faults and burring. Once we find them, we will clean and remove them from the rims. It will take a lot of time to do the cleaning to make the rims smooth because we pay attention to every detail to make sure that the wheels our customers get are very perfect and beautiful.

7 Putting the last covering of paint onto the surface

When the carbom rims are smooth enough, we will cover the out layer fiber of the rims with thick paint. The paint will not only make them look shiny, but also protect against rocks, chips and unpleasant weather.

8 Wheels Building and Testing

The last step of our producing process is to build the wheels. We put the spokes into the rim and adjust the tension to enough levels. We fix every spoke one-by-one and make it tight to the right torque. Then we do many tests on carbon bicycle wheels including spoke hole tension test, braking surface test and lateral torsion test to make the braking performance better than before and make sure that they are strong and safe enough when our customers are riding bicycles.

Why we deal with several different series of rims?

Why we deal with several different series of rims?

The riders come to ours Carbonfan store for the first time, they might feel a little confused as they find one series has more or less difference with others.

We have numbers of Series wheels, some of them even have a similar size of rims. so the people don’t know which one they should choose.
To answer this question, We need to explain more about carbon rims.
The carbon rims are typically hand-made products, which means different machine models, tech workers, may deliver a slightly different kind of product. The different character and experience of each leader of the production line can turn out different characteristics of the rims, and then, of the wheels. For most cases, it’s not quite about quality difference, but different features.
But when you ride on the wheels after hundreds of kilometers, you may tell the difference.
Just like a beer of the same brand but made in different cities, it often offers some different tastes to some extent.

XY Series

XY carbon rims series is a very special series because all the designs of the rims are asymmetrical. XY series is good at asymmetric mountain bike wheels. Of course, it owns two types of road bike wheels whose design is also asymmetric. If you are very interested in the asymmetric system, XY series will be your best choice. In recent two years, the asymmetric design is becoming more and more popular, so we especially launch a series to produce asymmetric wheels.

BQ Series

BQ Series is our main series in early years. We always use advanced and innovative design in this series in order to seek more performance. The chief mechanic of BQ series is the former chief engineer of the world’s biggest carbon fiber manufacturer. So he has a better understanding and ideas about the carbon fiber wheels.  You will find that the designs of BQ series are more sleek, which will make them have the better intensity and weigh ratio. But it requires strict production ability for the engineer.

TD series

The design for wheels in TD series is classic symmetry. It is still the most commonly used design in the market. If you observe its cross-section carefully, you will find that it is more close to the traditional design for the aluminum wheels.  If it is your first time to use carbon fibre wheels, TD will be your best choice.  Because they will give you similar felling when you are using aluminum wheels. TD series targets players who use carbon fibre wheels the first time.

YH series

HY series owns the most sizes and attributes no matter mountain bike or road one. What’s more, it provides many “downhill” options in mountain bike. The design for carbon fibre wheels is very mature. If you are a veteran carbon fibre wheels user, you will like that.

CARBONFAN is now proud to present a new type of rim appearance to the riders. first time in the world!

CARBONFAN is now proud to present a new type of rim appearance to the riders. first time in the world!

We all know that the present market of carbon fiber bicycles include the appearance of the rim as followed, weave UD, 3K, 12K, 24K, and matte and glossy as finishing surface. In order to prevent visual fatigue, our Ben–series of wheels launch a new look for the rim market. Attached a picture.

As you see, first of all, the brake side on this pic is made from a type of new slip-preventing material chemical. The look of cow-skin, we just call the Cow-stripe braking track temporarily. Compared to the traditional basalt brake side, the touch-braking effect shows up very prominent when riding, which results a obviously higher sensitivity for braking. Thus, the traditional brake side needs a rather long braking times (especially during the downhill process). This avoids the obvious and instantaneous temperature increase of the brake side of the large, greatly reducing the chance of deformation of the brake track. Of course, the special look of the stripe on brakes edge is also much nicer than ordinary basalt brakes, last but not least, CARBONFAN Team think so.

Secondly, the rest of the rim surface (part of the brake track side), we launched the Silk-looking weave in matte finishing. Seeing the picture, unlike the traditional UD matte design without any line nor block on, this new idea of appearance we used in the production process, permits the rims looking and feeling like a real silk, natural, delicate, presenting. The use of breathable weave, helps a lot to achieve such a nice sensory effect, objectively .
Now, as first stage, only three specifications with this SILK appearance of the rim were just introduced to the riders by CARBONFAN, as followed :
1. 30mm depth – Clincher – 23mm width, 410 +/- 10g, SILK-UD-Matte,
2. 38mm depth – Clincher – 23mm width, 440 +/- 10g, SILK-UD-Matte,
3. 50mm depth – Clincher – 23mm width, 480 +/- 10g, SILK-UD-Matte.

Buy wheels from here:

2017 new release 700C width 23mm Clincher carbon road rims BQ series

Only Buy rims form here :

2017 new release 700C width 23mm Clincher carbon road rims BQ series

CARBONFAN suggests it!

Carbon rim Price changed

Carbon rim Price changed

We noticed some advises from forums , and had a inner meeting with ours boss. completely reviewed ours price. and finally ,We made some important changes:
1 We removed some price increase options, now I m sure you can get it with the price what you are looking at.
2 We reduced the base price after compared with some others store, I m pretty sure we are the one of most affordable rim&wheels manufacturer now!
We are looking into became a leading affordable rims supplier in the world, We have XY XC BQ TD, producing lines offer hundreds chooses of rims.
wish everyone has a wonderful riding time,


Why bicycle team races at an echelon?

Why bicycle team races at an echelon?

In the bike race, we can occasionally see: in the wide track, the wind blowing from the side tear the bike team, riders forming a diagonal matrix.

The echelon is the special formation matrix of the riders to fight against the crosswind. At the same time with the wind,even with clever use of tactics, riders can accomplish the task of the whole team to break away.

To form an oblique array to the following three factors: crosswind, long and straight track, different riders of teams in the echelon.
For example: in 2016 third Turkey stage, a classic slash winning with the echelon strategy. Very clever tactics: by controlling the diagonal length of the echelon, a matrix to prevent rivals to enter their team echelon, finally make the whole team breakthrough.

For example: in 2016 third Turkey stage, a classic slash winning with the echelon strategy. Very clever tactics: by controlling the diagonal length of the echelon, a matrix to prevent rivals to enter their team echelon, finally make the whole team breakthrough.

The Lead rider will suffer the ravages of crosswind, so the oblique wind array in the rider would like the same track by rotary taking turns leading to share the pressure on.
How to break through, avoiding a few kilometers before the final point sprint scuffle?

First step: Team Lottol-Soudal in front, attacking formation is ready.

Second step: The front of the team is speeding up to attack

Fourth step: A separate team echelon is formed.Because of the sudden attack, riders in the back are disturbed to lose their echelon.

All exposed in the crosswind, the riders in the back consume a lot of energy after gradually hard to keep up with the small group of the back.
The fifth step: a racer in the rear, rode to prevent other racers to keep up with the echelon in front of your team.
The sixth step: the team racers in the echelon shifted the position to save energy, almost all the members of this team broke away.

In this group of 8 persons, 6 belonged to the Lottol-Soudal team.The team sprinter Andr Greipel raced among them.His victory can be almost predictable.
In the end, Andr Greipel, with super sprint ability, won the race rather easily in the small sprint group.

What does it feel like riding a bike to 70km/h?

What does it feel like riding a bike to 70km/h?

I m Professional cyclist, international level rider, 2014 Inchon Asian Games track cycling champion
Several photos to prevent the doubt. Early June of this year, these are several data at South Korea Cup competition.
The so-called ride to 70KM/h, should be viewed from two aspects, one is as hard as to sprint, riding out on the common road. There is another place on the mountain. Of course, it is not recommended that amateurs who can not well control the bike and whose bike’s rigidity is good to follow this action,
(the following description is in the premise of wind and better rigidity of the bike)
The road without wind, riders who can reach at 70km/h sprint to final line must be able to rank the top five, I am not good at sprint, generally do leading the sprint. In most cases, I lead a speed less than 70km/h, occasionally in altitude training can barely over 70km/h. Such experience is tense, two legs tending to explode, without caring the sweat in the helmet and wind passing the ears, quickly looked up if our sprinter can sprint to victory (in parenthesis if one says the same conditions can casually on the 70km/h, you are welcome to our team, and I would like to break the wind for you and offer an annual salary of ^_^).
There is a common slope speed to over 70km/h, in general, the slope of about six degree or so, a few feet on the pedal can be onto the 70km/h. If the slope of the ride is at 10 degree, you just have to keep the flow of the position and can be close to 80km/h. And during the game, in general, the experience is,
Fuck,so easy, 70km/h, ah, ah ah ah,
Already 80km/h, and the front dragged it, and quickly add a few feet to catch up,
There’s a rush in the front. I have to brake a little,
So many gravels on the road? I have to be careful, not to break the tire.
Why? As if only no more than 60km/h, and quickly relax shaking legs and drinking some water,
Although with glasses, I will consciously squint eyes, to protect the eyes.
Of course, the professional guy can also has experienced to fail. In 2013 ,South Korea, because of too fast speed on the slope and bad control, I rub directly to the curb, having af few rolls in the air and on the ground, but the result is ten stitches on the eyebrow bones, clavicle fractures, a large area of bruises on back of leg, so you are not recommended to do unsure things, like this.
A simple talk about site cycling, this is the main event of mine, because in a closed environment, almost no wind effect, and specific architectural style site, plus or minus can be installed with closed wheels, so most of the riders can ride to more than 70km/h, then I say on the site riding at more than 70km/h is a casual thing. Do you believe it?
How to buy a road bike for yourself? (Complete tutorial)

How to buy a road bike for yourself? (Complete tutorial)

Do fitting before buying a bike.
Do fitting before buying a bike.
Do fitting before buying a bike.
Important thing always repeated three times:>
Basically no one (pay attention to the “basically”) is able to find all the accessories and frame size that are fully consistent with their own bodies.
So fitting is a very important step for choosing a bike.
I have seen a store sell a bike frame in 515mm to a girl of 174cm.
I have seen a store sell a TT frame in 540mm to a guy of 176cm.
I have seen a store sell a bike frame in 535mm to a short buyer of 172cm with a stem in 11cm..
The store’ s nonsense , is just an obstacle for you to love this game.
How to buy a road bike for your own? in addition to budget, size is very important, knowledge is very important.
How to buy a road bike for your own is not a simple problem of buying a bike, but rather a choice for a sporting tool / commuter tool.
The utility model relates to a road bike, which is suitable for long distance and high speed movement. It is not suitable for dirt road, stone road, but can climb all proper road slope (asphalt / cement road), and can be faster than mountain bike, even easier that mountain bike.
So, how to choose a suitable road bicycle? A very first question you need to answer  is, what do you need a road bicycle to do?
1, The use
Do you need it to commute or to exercise?
Your love is the mountain ride or speed passion?
Are you pretend to ride, or to be real?
Road bike can commute but are not good at commuting. The larger gear ratios and thin wheelsets, as well as brake performance, are not suitable for daily use in urban roads. If you’re just commuting, a mountain bike with flat handbar, mounted with a mountain bike cassette may be better for you.
2, what is a road bike?
Road bike evaluates as the time passes , then do not talk about the road bike of 10 years ago. For the time being just to try to define the current road bike.
The necessary road bike composes with, hand shift (more secure transmission system), 700C*23-28 wheels,  correct frame geometry(although each frame geometry manufacturers are not all the same, almost all famous manufacturers have marked data and more than 5 dimensions can be selected) on their basic frame geometry , and be able to adjust the size and the angle of the components (the vertical, seat tube), transmission parts above the level of Shimano 2300, at least 8 speed’s cassette(Merida 902 with 7 speed cassette can not be included in Road Bike Family, because the 7 speed cassette and related accessories are not compatible with other real road bike)
All the above conditions or better conditions of the bike can be called a road bike.
3, the first priority on the choice of road bike.
The first priority for road bike selection is not the material of the frame and the group system.
It’s frame geometry.
The geometry of the frame results to the posture of your ride and the health of your body.
Basically, you need a bike fitting before choosing a road bike. However, given the lack of culture and industry, the following gives a basic height and size selection.
As the current frame is not a horizontal frame, the size of the frame is not the frame length of the riser, but to see the equivalent level of the length of the tube.
Height 160-165, 505cm upper tube
Height 165-170,515cm upper tube
Height 170-173,525cm upper tube
Height 175-180,535cm upper tube
Height 180-185.545cm upper tube
Height 185-190,555cm upper tube
4, the choice of frame material
After you get the size of the frame you should buy from fitting or some kind of black technology, then you should consider the material of the frame.
Frame material is nothing more than steel, aluminum, carbon, titanium four.
Entry level is aluminum frame. For the price of the entry level of the steel, it can not offer very good steel, and too heavy.
Carbon frame of entry level, then, the Giant TCR C frame has an excellent cost performance, but the single frame group should be more than 3000 RMB. The titanium frame, feeling is important, so the domestic titanium frame can not generally compared to the titanium frame made in the United States .It is another story.
The material properties are discussed from several aspects,
Weight: carbon, aluminum, titanium, steel
Strength: titanium, steel, carbon (longitudinal), aluminum
Rigidity: aluminum or carbon, steel, titanium
Comfort: steel, titanium, carbon, aluminum
The above ranking is based on the consistence of the frame of the tube type and the thickness of the pipe wall and the thickness of the pipe.
But basically, aluminum frame cheap light, hard, but life is short, about 5000km or so you can consider to change to another.
Carbon frame, light, hard, but expensive, good comfort, the longitudinal strength is very obvious, the lateral strength not good enough, slightly delicate. Life in accordance with the number of years, there are more than 10 years of use.
Steel is the most high-end, expensive. A good maintenance is the premise of long life, high comfort.
Titanium frame is light, but also hard, high strength, but are built on the premise of good material selection and pumping. Known as a lifetime bike. Talking about the price, not comparable to a good carbon frame, but it is also expensive.
So for beginners, the choice is generally aluminum frame as entry. A little more budget, you can buy the carbon frame of basic level.
Do not believe in big brand’s aluminum frame, in fact. A 100% or even 200% higher price, will not necessarily bring you the same feeling of riding.
5, the choice of kit
Many beginners make a fetish of the group.
Ask 10 Speed as entry, and reject tiagra 4600,only want Shimano 105 group.
I say to all the people who are superstitious about the 105 group, what’s wrong with your brain?
Generally speaking, 2000 RMB is more than a starter kit,basically Shimano 2300 group, and now evolved into a 2400claris group. Shift is mainly changed into the lower position in handlebar , canceled the small trigger, but is still a 8 speed. For beginners, how long will you be able to hold lower position in handlebar? you just want to show your richness?
9 speed kit is basically equipped with more than 3000-4000 RMB’s bike, Shimano’s Sora group. I really do not understand what is the difference between a bike of 2000 RMB and the one of 3000-4000RMB. This is not to say that the Sora is not a good package, but the classification of the bike manufacturer is a shit.
Let’s talk about 105 and the choice of the 4600 kit. Price difference of about 50 RMB, the main difference lies in the hand shift into internal routing.
But you told me that 105 internal routing feels good? It’s one of the worst feelings. This design is a mess, the brake lever is too short, and it’s not friendly to hold the position for a smaller hand of Asian people.
6 wheel group
In general, the beginner’s wheel group is actually nothing to spent money on.
In general, the bike is equipped with a set of wheels suitable for beginners, such as R903’s aluminum wheels is a bit contrary to humanity.
But just on the group of bikes, let’s introduce the wheels of bike of entry level,as the following, according to the classification of the brand
Mavic: the AK wheel group known as Aksium, about more than and 600RMB from domestic builder, about 1200-1400 RMB from original factory, beginners the wheel group is very good. But only in the original factory.
Campagnolo:Khamsin, G3, CX and ordinary hair in two versions, CX version is ruthless, compatible with various roads ,more for climbing. A perfect dynamic balance of the wheels from original factory. Price around 1200 RMB.
Shimano: what? Shimano rs21? Do not tease, Shimano R501, only more than 500 RMB, entry-level most cost-effective wheel group.
Fulcrum:R7, to be honest, rarely seen –0 higher level R3 R0 is very popular.
7, equipment
Riding the necessary equipment are: helmets, glasses, gloves, riding pants.
Helmet, then 200 and the difference between the 300, 500-1000 no difference, no difference between the above 1000.
Should buy as expensive as expensive.
What if the likes of Oakley glasses, very good, but also to buy for your face shape. Shimano or, buy a 200RMB-400 RMB. Also can buy a little better.
What is riding pants, because I only wear braces style pants,the more expensive the better, in order to the lower part of the body and the happiness of life. Basic domestic pants of 200-300RMB, OK.
Gloves, at the beginning we like thick ones, and later prefer the thin.
Other thing, such as riding clothes. Best to buy full zipper cardigan.
About lock shoes
Don’t talk too much, just say, there is non-lock shoes and lock-shoes. More secure is lock-shoes.