Solution to the oil in the mountain bike

Solution to the oil in the mountain bike

Solutions to oil getting into the disc brake of mountain bikes

It will be very annoying if there has oil in the disc brake system. It will cost you a fortune to change the brake lining and the disc itself. Then I will share some solutions when there has oil in the

disc brake of mountain bikes here:

1.Deal with the brake lining
Bake the lining on the open fire until you can see little smoke rise. Perhaps some small bubbles will form on the baked lining and what you should do is to rub it down with fine sandpaper.

2.Deal with the disc
Take the disc off the hub and buy a bottle of kitchen cleaning agents like Mr. Muscle.  Spray some cleaning agents evenly onto the disc and let it stand for 10 minutes after the disc get wet.  Then use a scouring pad to scour the surface of the disc. At last you should clean it with water. If something on the disc disperses after touching the water, it means that there still has some oil on the surface. So you should clean it repeatedly until the water film can completely cover the brake area of the disc.

Please note that cleaning agents is usually harmful to your hands so you’d better wear the gloves when washing.

The dealt lining and disc can be restored to 80% of its former braking force.

We suggest that people who like rushing to the mountain should check the disc brake system carefully. If an accident happens, the medical expenses are much more expensive than the expenses of changing a disc brake.


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