To change the brake

To change the brake

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Teach you how to improve the braking performance of mountain bikes

To mountain bikes, the most important thing for competitive games is to race the braking skills so whether the performance of a brake is good or not is very important. It will affect not only competitive skills but also security, so you have to check and adjust the brake carefully before going cycling or the race. In order to cope with vigorous races, an editor called Cycler from China Bicycle Network will discuss something about the brakes with everybody.
The control of brakes

A good brake doesn’t mean it can make the tire stop but make the bike stop by reducing rotation in the state of grasping the ground. If the tire is in a state of glide, the braking distance will be longer.

The irreconcilability of the brake means that how the power when cyclists are raising or reducing the brake lever can be transferred to the brake quickly. If the performance of the hydraulic brake is too strong, you will fall off when failing to brake.

In addition, some series will take advantage of the impedance of the spokes and brake shoes to strengthen the braking performance. It is hard to control this kind of series on slippery roads because the impedance of the spokes and brake shoes exceeds the impedance of the road. To this kind of brake, if you release the brake level when the bike starts to glide, the reaction is so slow. It is still suitable for beginners because they usually cycle slowly and brake gently.

The power that presses the rims originally will transfer to expanding power after the brake is activated. In order to inhibit this phenomenon,it will be better to install the plate. Once it is installed on the brake, the force which is put on the brake lever will not be wasted and totally transferred to the brake. And it will become the brake with good controlling performance.

The brake shoes
The brake shoe is something to tighten the rim. Its material will greatly affect the brake and the sense of touch. If the compound is soft enough, it is very handy in dry weather. But it will become very bad if it gets wet due to the rain so you should use brake shoes made of different kinds of materials according to the race situation.

The grip
You are required to control the bike body strictly in athletics like Slalom, Downhill and Trial. It is better to use slip-proof and harder rubber instead of soft grips like sponges.

Your hands will hurt on occasions like cross-country events, traveling by bike if you grab the grip for a long time so you should use the grip whose surface is smoother. But you need to use grip with impedance according to the route situation of a cross-country event. It is also good to wrap the soft belt around the grip when no real skills are required.

The brake cable

Longer brake cables will cause some problems like the stretch of the cables, slow reaction and imbalance. If the length of the brake cable is proper enough, you will not feel it too tense when turning the grip to the left and right.

If you want to adjust the angle and the protrusion of the grip, what you should do is to change the handlebar stem. Handlebar stems come in all angles and sizes. If your purpose is to do a race, you can choose the protrusion.

A length of 120-160 mm is better by which you can control the bike more stably at high speed while the angle of 90~120°is better. They must match the frame and the body well no matter they are angles and protruding length, so you should choose them carefully.

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